Obstetrics, Pathology of Pregnancy

Dear Parents-to-be

We are honored that you have chosen to have you baby at the Baltic American Clinic of Vilnius.

We are pleased to welcome you to our brand new Maternity Unit, where you will be provided with the best care for both mother and baby, and the baby`s father will receive a warm reception during the entire stay.

A Safe Delivery

Obstetrician-gynecologists provide personalized care for thei patients during pregnancy, delivery and the post-natal period.

During delivery, you will be closely monitored by your obstetrician-gynecologist and an anesthesiologist. A midwife and a nurse’s aide are present at all times. Neonatal pediatricians can also be called to the delivery room at any time if necessary. The Maternity Unit team is organized to provide care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pain Prevention

Anesthesiologists are available around-the-clock to perform epidural blocks and spinal anesthesia. During the postpartum period, they work with the obstetrician to ensure pain prevention.

Exceptional Quality Infant Care

The entire Maternity Unit staff is committed to helping mothers who have chosen to breastfeed.  As part of its quality approach, the Maternity Unit undertakes to uphold a Breastfeeding Charter to promote and support breastfeeding assistance and advice.

At birth, the baby is placed directly on its mother’s abdomen for skin-to-skin contact. Except in special cases, all newborn care can be provided in the presence of the parents. Each room has a special area where mothers can provide care to their newborn on their own if they wish. This allows mothers to stay with their babies at all times, from birth to the time they leave the maternity.

Father Involvement

Everything is done to enable fathers to be involved in the birth process if they wish to do so.

  •          presence during delivery (both for vaginal births and C-sections)
  •          skin-to-skin contact with their infant
  •          access to the nursery to help care for their infant
  •          a guest bed can be provided on request


You will be offered several worksshops at the new Maternity:

  •          preparation for childbirth
  •          newborn massage
  •          after the maternity: going home
  •          relaxation therapy

Well-being and Serenity

The new Maternity Unit is entirely air-conditioned and features 12 rooms and individual suites. Each room has a private bathroom (including a hair-dryer) and a special baby changing area, a flat screen TV (with international channels). A variety of services are available:

  •          For each meal, you can choose between several menus.
  •          Room service for mothers and guests
  •          A hairdresser, pedicurist and an esthetician are available by appointment.