Colon and Rectal Treatment

Hemorrhoid laser treatment – perfect results, no pain or postoperative discomfort.

Modern, efficient, delicate and painless – these words describe the visit with the proctologist today.

People who do not respond to non-surgical treatments might experience long term relief through surgery. Laser surgery.

Today’s medical era gives us an opportunity to treat hemorrhoids using laser surgery method and to receive fast results without pain or blood. This method could be even better compared to manipulation rather than surgery. This is really the latest method in medical practice.

At the clinic for hemorrhoid laser treatment we use the state of the art laser “Biolitec ELVeS”. We are the first to use this laser for hemorrhoid treatment.

A special, precise laser beam is used to burn away hemorrhoidal tissue. Laser fiber minimazes postoperative discomfort to a minimum. Patients are being released the same day and may quickly return to their normal lifestyle. The procedure may be performed to pregnant or breast feeding women if the ginecologist does not prohibit

Having the most up to date laser equipment we say without hesitation – dont suffer, trust your problem to our specialists.

Our proctologists Tomas Poskus and Natlija Zaks.