Fertility Center

The first level A fertilization laboratory. The rate of success – 50 % !

Infertility examination is a complex process, but we live in the world of evidence-based medicine, we have and we use all of the world’s known diagnostic methods of the problem. Lithuania does not lag in this area and has the same opportunities to determine the cause of infertility as, let’s say, the Great Britain, Belgium or any other country.

Baltic American Clinic is one of the first to work in this field and proposed diagnostic and therapeutic options for couples facing infertility problem. Today, we have gained a lot of experience, and have achieved very good results.

The achievements of the fertilization laboratory are visible – the rate of success is more that 50 per cent. This is a delight for couples and physicians.

A first level A fertilization laboratory and experienced embryologists perform the latest infertility treatment procedure – PICSI (procedure in which a single sperm is injected directly into an egg). During the procedure are used only selected, mature and able to perform its physiological function in spermatozoon’s.

Presently the Baltic American Clinic has absolutely all means to diagnose reasons of infertility and effectively treat them.

We offer to the infertile patient the whole complex of services – from doctor’s consultancy to baby delivery and care.
Gynecologists: Odeta Gabrenaite-Kazlauskiene and Rimantas Gricius
Doctor embryologist : Zivile Gudliaviciene.