Leg Veins Laser Treatment

Vein laser surgery is one of the most modern and safest methods for varicose vein treatment, in out clinic we use the newest generation varicose vein laser – Biolitec ELVeS Painless 1470 nm. Our laser in comparison to older generation varicose vein lasers decrease’s the chances of trauma to a minimum.

During the varicose vein laser removal surgery  there is a very slight chance of damaging nerves and lymphatic vessels. There are no visible scars of cosmetic defects after the surgery.

A minimally invasive technique is applied when treating varices of the saphenous veins with biolitec lasers.
The varices are located using ultrasound, and a local anesthetic is administered to the affected area.
Next, the optical fiber is introduced into the vein via a catheter and moved forward to the section to be treated.

In addition to the guiding beam, the fiber’s correct position is monitored by an ultrasound device.

The laser radiation is introduced in pulse mode and guided along the vein’s lumen by slowly and continuously retracting the fiber.

The transformation of the laser radiation to heat results in the thermal shrinkage and dissolution of tissue structure, which ultimately leads to the closure of the varicose veins by thrombosis and spasm.