Orthopedic Center

The best results – modern operating theatres: foot surgery, arthroscopy and prosthetics

The Orthopedic Center selected some  of the best professionals in their field. Foot, shoulder, hand, hip and knee specialists will conduct a thorough consultation and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

With the help of modern equipment – X-ray testing, computerized diagnostics our specialists determine the diagnosis and further treatment accurately and quickly. Here we apply the state of the art treatment and operation methods, doctors collaborate with world- recognized orthopedic implant manufacturers.

Foot deformities are treated with Hallux valgus surgery, specialists complete flat foot corrective surgeries, shoulder, knee arthroscopic surgeries, wrist and hand surgeries, hip and knee replacement surgeries, various minor orthopedic procedures as well.

Advanced operating software provides the ability to choose the optimal method of transaction – from arthroscopic surgery to joint replacement surgery.

It has been proved that early postoperative rehabilitation helps to achieve the best results. Our Clinic’s Orthopedic Center experienced physical therapists lead special workshops in the water and in the gym, teach healing exercises, and perform therapeutic massages.