Rehabilitation Center

Individual treatment plan according to the best physical medicine specialists

Specialists at our Clinic recognize that complementary and alternative medicine treatments can help promote physical, mental and spiritual wellness.  We created the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation to blend the best of both worlds – conventional and complementary or alternative medicine.

Rehabilitation center has been created to help to restore strength after surgeries, traumas, and various chronic diseases. Our specialists work with infants and children, help them to adjust posture and musculoskeletal defects and deformities. The center is open for healthy persons for disease prevention and prophylactic and for those who suffer back pain or chronic diseases, have joint, posture or gait problems.

Rehabilitation center’s environment, interior and aromatherapy create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere which is often as important as the physical therapist’s professional opinion or an encouraging word. Everything and everyone here is for your faster healing, good health and well being.

The center is beloved among mothers with babies, pregnant women preparing for smoother delivery and those who suffer pain or tension caused by disease, traumas or surgeries.

Rehabilitation treatments include individual and group sessions of physical therapy in the gym or and/or pool, therapeutic massages, acupuncture,physiotherapy, manual therapy.

Acupuncture can be helpful as a stand alone treatment to provide pain relief, as well as to help maintain general health and well-being, increase energy and improve mood in healthy individuals.

Physiotherapy can help to restore movement and function to as near normal as possible when someone has been affected by injury or illness.

Magnetic therapy is based on the theory that when delivered directly to the body magnetic fields can stimulate healing from a range of health problems.

INSIGHT test is the newest and most advanced test for back disorders.

Due to the nature of the lymphatic system, Manual Lymphatic Drainage can prove beneficial in the correction of numerous conditions as well as in preventive health maintenance.

Types of rehabilitation

·         Neurological rehabilitation

·         Orthopedic rehabilitation

·         Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

·         Post-surgical rehabilitation

·         Gynecological rehabilitation

·         Rehabilitation services during and after pregnancy

·         Sports rehabilitation