Cooperation agreement with the first Swiss private bank

The Baltic- American Medical & Surgical Clinic with 11 years’ experience in maternity care took one step forward offering parents the opportunity to store a precious asset for their children (umbilical cord blood cells) – one whose extraordinary potential has not yet been fully realized.

The general manager Inga Malinauskiene and representatives of the Baltic-American Medical & Surgical Clinic visited Swiss Stem Cell Bank (SSCB) in Lugano, Switzerland and after the evaluation of quality standards and treatment possibilities signed the cooperation agreement with the first Swiss private bank to preserve the umbilical cord blood stem cells.

Umbilical cord blood stem cells are currently used mainly in the treatment of hematological diseases (leukemia, Fanconi’s anemia, beta thalassemia, solid tumors, lymphomas, myeloma) and are under the study of regenerative medicine (cerebral palsy, type 1 diabetes, pre-term babies diseases, autism, cardiological diseases, acquired hearing loss, gene therapy for genetic pathologies).

SSCB ranking among the first six banks in Europe in terms of size and the undisputed leader in Switzerland and Italy in the autologous storage of cord blood cells has recently been awarded the prestigious FACT-NetCord accreditation and became one of the 54 cord blood banks currently accredited in the world – of which only 7 are private banks. A further guarantee of SSCB quality and excellence is the decision to operate under the strict supervision of Swissmedic, the Swiss federal agency for the authorization and supervision of quality and safety of therapeutic products.

Today’s children will be able to bank on that capital in the future – also in their adulthood – for the therapeutic applications that medicine and research will develop in the future.