Denapiene Goda

Gastroenterologist, PhD. Docent at Vilnius University.

Traineeships at the hospitals of Germany and Italy Universities (Otto-von Guericke University, Magdeburg; Wuppertal University; Parma University; Tor Vergata University, Roma). Additional training in Ayurvedic institutions of Lithuania and India (Ayurveda Academy of Lithuania, Jiva Ayurveda institute, Faridabad, Ayurge Panchakarma cente, Kovalam, Kerala)

Professional interests: in modern gastroenteology, in Ayurveda and in integral medicine.

Professional activity: consultations in healthy nutrition and life style; treatment; lectures; scientific work in inflammatory bowel diseases and microbiota.

Publications: the author of several scientific publications and an educational book, co-author of the textbook on Clinical Gastroenterology.

Professional memberships: member of the World Society of Gastroenterologists and Lithuanian Society of Gastroenterologists.