When a medical issue requires you to travel far from home to receive the care you need, you might feel overwhelmed. Our first priority is to take away your stress to go beyond your expectations to ensure that you and your family are comfortable and relaxed—so you can focus on your return to wellness.

Our team of care coordinators provides the highest level of service in a compassionate, discreet and respectful environment.

Our Clinic provides full medical assistance for patients and their families:
  • Pre-arranged medical appointments, no waiting in lines;
  • Full spectrum of medical treatment in-house;
  • One day surgery as well as hospitalization for longer periods if necessary;
  • 24/7 medical care during your stay at the Clinic;
  • Assistance of administrative tasks while arranging your visit to the country (visas, tickets, documents translation, trip arrangements, etc.);
  • Medical extracts preparation in English or Russian;
  • Visa Extension Services: we provide visa extension facilities to help those who have to overstay their visas.

Useful facts why Lithuania together with the Baltic American Clinic is your best choice for medical treatment:

  • much lower prices for all kind of medical services (medical examinations, insemination procedures, giving birth, all kind of surgeries including plastic corrections, rehabilitation and different health strengthening procedures, etc.);
  • up to date medical equipment together with EU level quality healthcare, including  ISO quality certifications, international recognition;
  • highly qualified and attentive medical staff, speaking main languages (English, Russian, etc.);
  • well developed patient-oriented service with no waiting in lines for consultations;
  • attractive geographical location.

For inquiries related to international business or international patients, please contact us at: or +37052342020.