Dentistry (Pediatric & Adults)


  • Professional Dental Hygiene (at our routine check-up appointments we perform local clinical examination, with digital X-rays if needed, and cleaning of your teeth and gums);
  • Radiology (dental X-rays are essential, preventive, diagnostic tools that provide valuable information not possible to obtain during a regular dental exam. This information is used to safely and accurately detect hidden dental abnormalities and complete an accurate treatment plan);
  • Tooth whitening with laser “Biolase”;
  • Aesthetic filling;
  • Orthodontics (for adults and children);
  • Periodontics (gum disease treatment);
  • Root canal treatment (with magnification by dental loupes and microscope);
  • Implantology (our clinic uses the most modern and reliable implant systems. The procedure is easy and painless with very quick recovery);
  • Oral Surgery (sinus lifting operation; wisdom tooth extraction);
  • Fixed and Removable Prosthetics (porcelain veneer, porcelain crown, metalceramic crown, bridge. New CEREC 3D – CAD/CAM system is used).

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Licensed paediatric dentist take care of children teeth, applying local and general anaesthesia. All teeth damaged by dental caries are treated during one session.

  • Professional children mouth hygiene.
  • Treatment of non-complicated and complicated caries of the milk teeth.
  • The firs regular teeth, thei care, sealants.

Teeth are treated under general anaesthesia in the following case:

  • In children of very young age;
  • When there are many teeth damaged by caries;
  • When surgical treatment is needed;
  • When a child is afraid of dental treatment;
  • In disabled children and adults;
  • In patients suffering from severe gag reflex.

Registrations +370 646 16368