Surgical treatment should be painless, effective and performed on time. Minimal invasive laparoscopic equipment and medical lasers are used for surgical treatment. Diagnostic fibrogastroscopic and colonoscopic procedures help to properly diagnose illness and to apply timely treatment.

  • Surgeon’s consultation


  • Anoscopy
  • Rectoscopy
  • Full proctological examination

Treatment of hemorrhoids:

  • Rubber band ligation (Baron procedure)
  • Hemoroidectomy
  • The ligation of hemorrhoidal arteries
  • Laser hemorrhoidectomy
  • Surgery of thrombosed external hemorrhoids
  • Thrombectomy

Abdominal surgery:

  • Removal of papilloma of the anal canal
  • Išangės ir storosios žarnos patologijos chirurginis gydymas
  • Removal of anal warts
  • Anorectal fistula treatment
  • Surgical treatment of paraproctitis
  • Surgical treatment of epithelial fistula and cysts
  • Surgical treatment of tumors of the abdominal wall
  • Surgical treatment of hernia (femoral, umbilical, paraumbilical and etc.)
  • Laparoscopic appendectomy
  • Cholecystectomy (surgical & laparoscopic)
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Endoscopic polypectomy


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