New Aid for Patients – Pain Treatment Center

The Pain Treatment Center was opened at the end of 2015 which immediately attracted considerable interest and showed the high demand of pain treatment procedures.

Great variety of specialists is always ready to help You to overcome any kind of pain. Patients often complain of headache, back and joint pain unfortunately most of them still tend to suffer it. Professional specialists recommend treating the illness on time because untreated or improperly treated acute pain becomes chronic which leads to difficulty to concentrate on work or other activities, communicate with family members and friends and disturbs the sleep.

Open & endoscopic spine surgeries and pain treatment with laser which is an innovative procedure in Lithuania are the options to treat the illness.

Interventional procedures, specialists – neurologists, psychologists, orthopedists, neurosurgeons and physical medicine & rehabilitation physicians – are used separately or as a combination in order to provide the overall help for our patients.

Don’t wait until the pain overcomes You, see the specialist of the Pain Treatment Center at the Baltic-American Medical & Surgical Clinic!