November – focus on men’s health.

Baltic American Clinic in November decided to pay more attention to men’s health. Indeed, often the strong gender needs a lot more care than women.

For most men, prostate diseases – an intimate space, about which they avoid talking, but feel highly stressed, suffer psychological discomfort. Therefore, medics encourage patients not to be afraid of urologists, contrary, after the age of 50 to visit a specialist at least once a year. Only that way it is possible to prevent diseases or successfully cure them if they nevertheless occur.

Diagnosis is not painful.

Basic research will be carried out in urologist’s cabinet: an interview, a physical examination of a patient, a digital-rectal examination, which is not painful, but very important and informative to a doctor. If necessary, the ultrasonography might be performed for a patient. Finally, urine flow rate measurement, transrectal ultrasonography could be also prescribed.

PSA test – it is a simple blood test, but one of the most important early prostate cancer diagnostic tests.
All tests are carried out with modern equipment enabling to accurately determine the pathology.

Whole November Baltic American Clinic offers:

The prostate cancer diagnostic program (prostate specific antigen (PSA) and free PSA) for only 51.79 Lt/ 15,00 EUR or Extended cancer diagnostic program for men (prostate specific antigen (PSA), free PSA, CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen), CA 19 -9 pancreatic cancer marker) for only 100.13 Lt / 29.00 EUR.