A healing environment

Being a patient is never easy, and you deserve the best that medicine can offer. Our healing environment provides you and your family with a sense of control over stressful situations, and allows for more comfortable rest and recovery.

Patients who stay in our newest facilities will appreciate artistic and aesthetic elements, including:

A calming, elegant interior with natural surfaces

Sun-filled rooms and peaceful public spaces that serve as respites for you and your visitors

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Art images of the famous impressionists Matisse, Monet on the walls

An elegant Restaurant garden where patients and their guests can enjoy pleasant weather


Bronze sculpture “The Morning” made by Lithuanian sculptor Romas Kvintas

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Whimsical painting graphics in the reception made by Lithiuanian artist Egle Kuckaite

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Funny drawings on the walls in the paediatric room  to delight young patients
Sound-absorbing materials in patient care areas
A quiet nurse-call system to eliminate noisy overhead paging
Our stylish library designed for curious books lovers

The Clinic new premises were opened September 1, 2010 to provide state-of-the-art facilities and services for patients, families and visitors. From the moment you step into the soaring lobby, you’ll enter a healing environment that supports the visionary care that the Clinic has been delivering for more than 20 years.

During your hospital stay, you and your visitors will enjoy hotel-style amenities, including free spacious parking and free wireless internet access. Public spaces include a modern restaurant “Le Jardin” so patients and guests can enjoy dining options ranging from a casual breakfast to a full-service dinner, all without leaving the hospital.

The hospital’s elegant interior features natural materials, like wood floors and marble and limestone walls, and an art collection with pieces from Lithuanian artists on display throughout the hospital.