Preventive Iron and Vitamin D blood test and Family’s doctor consultation

Your resistance for infections has lowered? You feel week and fatigued? You feel muscle andjoint pain? You are depressed? Following symptoms mean that after winter your iron and sun vitamin reserves are depleted. In the beginning of the spring, it is recommended to test them out, while more serious ailment did not affect you! Today we are offering preventive iron and vitamin test in „Baltic American Therapy and Surgery Clinic“ in Vilnius for a special price.

Researchers indicated that VITAMIN D is essential in enhancing human immune system. Sun vitamin lowers risk of getting not just flu and other cold diseases, tuberculosis, bone diseases, but also bowel cancer, breast and prostate cancer, multiple sclerosis etc. In the beginning of the spring most of country habitants have depleted reserves of vitamin D, but is obvious, because main source of this vitamin is the sun

In order sufficient amount of vitamin D would form in your organism, you have to cover you skin by protective sun cream and stay in sun for at least 10-15 minutes per day. Because of the fact, that Lithuania does not have sufficient amount of sunrays, you can compensate this deficiency by eating more fatty fish, livers, egg yolks, butter and other products, which are rich in vitamin D. You can use fish oil supplements; however, you do not need to overuse them, because excess of vitamins received from supplements can harm your heart, vascular system, kidneys etc. Therefore, you must know your VITAM D deficiency levels. First of all following group of people should be tested for their the deficiency of vitamin D levels (25 OH)
• For those who receive little sun ray;
• For Pregnant women;
• Patients who have cancer;
• Patients with Hypertension;
• Patients with cardiovascular diseases;
• Patients with diabetes mellitus;
• Patients with chronic autoimmune diseases;
• For children and adolescents;
• Those who are over 65 years of age.
Because of vitamin, iron and sun ray deficiency, in spring most of the people feel exhausted, fatigued and weak. However, fatigue, loss of performance at work, bad mood is just the signs of spring fatigue – often iron deficiency can be the cause of those ailments. One of the main iron depletion signs are physical and mental fatigue, hair loss, nail cracking, dry skin, decreased immunity, memory loss, muscle cramps, and so on.
Therefore, if you will use our thoughtful offer of this week, you will have opportunity to get tested for test your iron and vitamin deficiency.
During your visit in clinic following tests will be done for you:
• Vitamin D test
• Iron test — allows measuring its quantity in blood and how much of it is used in a certain moment (testing). Iron concentration varies, depending on the time of day.
• Ferritin test — this is the test, which shows your iron stores in organism. Only this test can properly evaluate iron quantities in organism and to foresee anemia, before there are no changes in complete blood count (CBC).
• Homocysteine — this is vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid quantity indicator. If the amount of Homocysteine is too big, it is possible to suspect vitamin deficiency and to start using vitamin supplements.
The offer price includes
• Blood tests;
• Family doctor’s consultation and test commenting;
• Assignment of treatment.
Price– 69 eur/238,24 Lt.
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