Treatment methods of varicose veins can be divided into two groups: invasive and not invasive.

For most conservative patients – not invasive varicose vein methods of treatment: Special application of hosiery socks compresses, many externally used ointmentsandcreams, oral agents etc.However, the application conservative treatment only, does not help to treat varicose veins. All of the conservative treatment methods are mostly suitable as additional mean before surgical procedure.

Injective schlerotherapy is applied as independent treatment method of varicose veins and as additional mean to surgically treat varicose veins. Currently in Western Europe and USA, almost half of the varicose veins patients are treated by schlerotherapy method. The essence of injective schlerotherapy is to use medicine to close vein, which is damaged by varicose. Depending on the degree of varicose infraction, course of treatment can last up to 3-5 sessions of schlerotherapy. The progress of the procedure is monitored by ultrasound.

New „VENO LIGHT“ visualization system is currently applicable in Baltic American Clinic. It helps doctor to see veins, which are deeper in the skin, and to close them effectively by medicine. This method increases the efficiency of schlerotherpy.

Laser treatment of varicose veins with double ring laser is considered as one the most progressive surgical treatment method. This procedure, which is minimally traumatic for the patient, moreover after it patient can snap in normal activities next day. After topical anesthesia, endovascular laser probe is introduced into vein and by monitoring with ultrasound; the closure of inner wall of vein is caused by a laser beam.

According to vascular surgeon Arūnas Grinkevičius, the success of laser operation depends not only on the experience of the specialist, but also on the equipment as well. Annular beam is used in leading-edge lasers. This method provides the most reliable guarantee of painless procedure.