Treatment by using Platelet Rich Plasma PRP

Why Platelets?

Platelets are adhesive, irregularly shaped, colorless components of the blood. They form in bone marrow and live for 10 days average. If wound is bleeding, platelets accumulates in its place and tries to block the blood flow. Calcium, vitamin K and protein, which is called fibrinogen helps platelets to form the blood clot.

Blood clots are formed, while blood contacts the air. Platelets are very sensitive for the air, so they begin to degrade. Then by reacting with fibrinogen, they help to form small fibrin threads. Those threads branch and finally net, which is similar to spider’s web forms, which stops blood cells by its surface. While drying web of blood cells hardens shaping the blood clot or scab.

Platelets, which are in shaped fibrin clot, begin to degrade, in such way they release different growth factors.

What is the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Platelets have different growth factors inside them (also called cytokines). This platelet origin having growth factor (PDGF), which is transformed by beta growth factors (TGF-B) to the insulin, which are similar as growth factor (IGF), also vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), and these are only the few factors of which platelets consist.

Platelet Rich Plasma is obtained in special centrifuge, by spinning the patient’s blood and extracting the layer in a special method, in which plasma of platelet and white blood concentration is gained.

The uniqueness of the system’s technology is because special centrifuge obtains patients’ blood components. Red blood cells (RBCs) are the densest, so they settle at the bottom of the reservoir. The fraction of blood plasma is not so dense so it floods the upper layer of the reservoir. Buffy coat segregates between the blood plasma and red blood cells (RBCs), in which the major part of platelets settles.

By using GPS® III System – platelets, which are in the patients’ blood are secreted in the concentrated form. Activated platelets release growth factors and stimulates natural healing processes of the organism.


Exclusivity and Quality of Biomet GPS® III System

More than 90% of platelets.

If we want to evaluate the platelet separation systems, platelet regenerative factor in the blood is the most important variable. The variable specifies the efficiency of the system independently to obtained Platelet Rich Plasma. Most of the systems are based on their obtained platelet quantity, for different volumes and that has a big impact in evaluating obtained Platelet Rich Plasma and comparing it with main plasma.

For example if 3 ml. of Platelet Rich Plasma is obtained from 60 ml. of blood, platelet concentration will be bigger comparing it with main plasma than obtaining 10 ml. of platelet rich plasma from the same quantity of blood.

While using GPS®III system, permanent platelet rich plasma (10% of taken blood quantity) is obtained, in which will be concentrated more than 90% of platelets, which were in blood. Permanent platelet rich plasma is obtained every time, because of automated mechanism of GPS®III system

This is the highest quality PRP, which helps to obtain best results only in one time procedure. Usually treatment in simple PRP requires 3-5 injections to obtain the results from one session, because one PRP consists only of smaller platelet quantities and it simply cannot create more efficient healing process. Researches also prove, that white blood cells (leukocytes), which are in PRP are very important to create the most efficient effect. GPS III system is created in such way, that it could obtain the maximum quantity of platelets and leukocytes every time and would guarantee simple and guaranteed collection of those particles in the concentrated form.


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